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Meditations on the Abyss
Babylon 5, episode 102 (5.14)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Carl Ciarfalio   IMDB   Drazi Vendor
Vincent Deadrick, Jr.   IMDB   Tough Guy
Mark Hendrickson   IMDB   Narn Acolyte
Ron Campbell   IMDB   Drazi Ambassador
Martin Cast   IMDB   Findell
Richard Yniguez   IMDB   Montoya

Without Sheridan's knowledge, Delenn sends Lennier on a mission to try to figure out the source of the raids.
In the middle of the night, Delenn lies in bed, awake. She receives a muted signal, stands up, and leaves. Half asleep, Sheridan asks her where she is going. She claims she only wants to get some documents from her quarters; reassured, Sheridan falls back to sleep.

Lennier joins Delenn in a deserted corridor. He has a fresh scar on his cheek, given to him by a Drazi during hand-to-hand combat training. She explains that they have compelling reasons to believe the Centauri are behind the attacks on the Alliance shipping lines ("The Ragged Edge"), but no evidence. She will assign him to a White Star on a training mission near Centauri space. She hopes his experience with the Centauri, unmatched by anyone else within the Rangers thanks to his tenure as her aide, will help him find the solid evidence they need.

Lennier asks why the secrecy. Delenn explains that they need to keep the information away from the other worlds until they have evidence, and more importantly, she does not want Sheridan to know. If Sheridan finds out, he will try to stop Lennier, to protect him and to protect Delenn from hurt, should anything happen to Lennier. So she wants nobody, especially Sheridan, to know. Not even the captain of the ship he is assigned to knows his true mission.

Before he leaves, Lennier tells Delenn about Morden's visit during the "Day of the Dead", and his prophecy that Lennier would, one day, betray the Rangers.

Then he continues: although he thinks Vir is not quite ready yet, Londo has decided that Vir will be the Centauri Ambassador to Babylon 5 once Londo becomes Emperor.

G'Kar enters Sheridan's office, where Sheridan, Delenn, and the Drazi ambassador wait. The Drazi informs them of new attacks on Drazi ships, and tells Sheridan he believes the Council knows who is behind the attacks. Sheridan says they have nothing but leads, and Delenn asks the Drazi to have some patience. The Drazi Ambassador promises they will be patient, because she requests it. However, he strongly implies he knows that Centauri are behind the attacks, and thinks Sheridan and the others are just covering up because they need the Centauri for the alliance. Londo comes in then, and after inquiring about the health of the Drazi Ambassador's wife, tells them about the bug he found in his quarters. He is also perplexed at not being invited to this meeting, but leaves. The Drazi soon follows. G'Kar also leaves: Dr. Franklin has informed him that he has finally obtained a Narn artificial eye for G'Kar, and G'Kar is eager to have it fitted in.

Aboard the Maria, Findell tells Lennier the Captain wants both of them to scout the area after the ship comes out of hyperspace. But he didn't ask them to look for anything in particular. Findell points out that Montoya often leaves out important information, a habit he finds frustrating. But Lennier says Montoya is trying to teach them the human way of doing things, and to have them react with initiative to new situations, a new concept for the rigid and tradition-bound Minbari. Lennier offers to help Findell adjust, but Findell haughtily denies he needs any help.

In the Zocalo, Vir confronts the Drazi vendor and demands an explanation for the bugging. But the Drazi laughs at him: "We all know you, Vir Cotto. We know what you are. You are weak! You are foolish! And now you will go away or I will swat you!" He shoves Vir, who silently turns away and retreats.

Aboard the Maria, Captain Montoya describes the next training mission to Lennier, Findell, and two other cadets. They will engage in an Easter Egg Hunt: in a dangerous asteroid field, Montoya has hidden 39 short range homing devices. Each ranger should destroy at least ten. This means someone will fail, of course, and Findell is convinced the Captain means him. Lennier asks Findell why he joined the Rangers, and Findell explains he lost two members of his family, both Rangers, during the Shadow War; it has fallen on him to carry on their work. Lennier points out that his purpose may be flawed, and if so he shouldn't be a Ranger.

Captain Montoya then tells Lennier, off the record, that Lennier did a good job. "And I know," adds Montoya. "And you should learn a very important lesson: Never, ever assume that no one can listen in on a private channel."
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