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The Long, Twilight Struggle
Babylon 5, episode 42 (2.20)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
John Schuck   IMDB   Draal
Rif Hutton   IMDB   Isn Reporter
William Forward   IMDB   Lord Refa
W. Morgan Sheppard   IMDB   Warmaster G'sten
Neil Bradley   IMDB   Narn
Jonathan Chapman   IMDB   Narn Second
Joshua Cox   IMDB   Lieutenant David Corwin
Elisa Beth Garver   IMDB   Tech
DVD   B5 DVD #11

The Narn-Centauri War reaches a turning point. Sheridan is contacted by a powerful friend, who offers assistance.
Delenn steps off the elevator and meets Sheridan to tell him that Draal appeared to her as well. The two continue on together.

Garibaldi expresses great doubt about the message received from Draal, but Delenn insists that Draal is who he claims. Even Sheridan is somewhat troubled by his altered appearance, though Delenn assures them that he looked that way when he was younger. Garibaldi suggests it may be a trick, and that the message might be faked, but Delenn refuses to believe him. Ivanova reports that tests run on the message determined it was sent from below the planet's surface, verifying that Draal did indeed send it. Despite this, Garibaldi still wants to send a security team, but Sheridan says he is only allowed to bring one other, namely Delenn.

Londo meets up with Refa again, and Refa tells him that it is time to leave for the Narn homeworld - they will be on the first ship so they can oversee the victory personally. "Come Londo," Refa tells him. "Destiny awaits." Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn board a shuttle and head down to Epsilon 3.

G'Kar urgently tries to convince G'Sten that the Centauri are planning to attack the Narn homeworld, but G'Sten won't listen, saying the mission is too far along to stop it without proof.

Sheridan and Delenn arrive in Draal's chamber and see his body in the depression, running the planet. An image of Draal appears and addreses them, commending Sheridan for his work aboard Babylon 5. Draal explains that he has explored the many secrets of Epsilon 3 and has learned much about the galaxy, and Sheridan himself. He also knows about Sheridan's conspiracy of light. Sheridan tries to deny it, but Draal knows better, and assures him the information is safe. Draal explains that he said a year earlier that Epsilon 3 would remain dormant until such a time as it was needed, and that this is such a time - he's prepared to place the planet at Sheridan's disposal, one of the first alliances of the coming war. Draal tells Sheridan that he is not alone in the struggle, and that, should they succeed, there is a great possibility of hope.

As G'Kar prays fervently, the Narn ships come out of hyperspace above Gorash 7 and prepare for the attack. They don't detect any ships at first, but several Shadow ships soon appear and begin moving toward them, ready for the attack. G'Sten tries to activate the jump engines, but they must recharge first. G'Sten orders an attack against the ships, and though the Narn score several hits with their energy mines, the weapons of the Shadows are much more powerful, easily able to cut through the Narn ships. The Narn warships are destroyed one by one. Several warships combine their firepower and manage to sever a spine from one of the Shadow ships, but it's a futile victory. Defeat imminent, G'Sten orders the remaining ships to open jump points and flee, but the Shadows fire something into the vortices, disrupting them and causing the remaining Narn cruisers to be destroyed mid-jump. An undamaged Shadow ship connects to the injured one, revitalizing it; then all the Shadow ships vanish. G'Kar, sensing the outcome somehow, grimly ceases his prayer.

Ivanova tells Garibaldi about the Centauri attack on the Narn homeworld, and that she is worried what will happen when word about the attack hits the station. He prepares for the coming riots, and says she should send out a general alert as soon as possible.

"We interrupt this program with this late-breaking story," says an ISN reporter, as the patrons of the Zocalo watch. "Officials in EarthDome confirm that the Centauri Republic has begun a devestating frontal assault on the Narn homeworld. Reports continue to come in, alleging that the main Narn fleet has been neutralized and that Narn is completely encircled by its enemies. Neither government has yet confirmed nor denied these reports, though some messages relayed from Narn seem to corroborate the stories of massive destruction and death...." The tension becomes too much and a fight between the Narn and Centauri patrons of the Zocalo breaks out.

The general alert is sent out as Sheridan and Delenn arrive back on the station. Sheridan asks Ivanova what the situation is, and she tells him that Garibaldi is doing the best he can. Sheridan has a security officer escort Delenn to her quarters. Ivanova explains to Sheridan that she has heard little more than rumors, though she does know that the Centauri have used mass drivers in their assault.

The war is not going well for Narn as the Centauri ships use mass drivers to pummel Narn's cities with asteroids. As the destruction continues, Londo watches, helplessly, at a window in the lead ship of the fleet.

"With the planetary bombardment in its fourth day," the ISN reporter reports as the C&C staff watches, "the Narn government continues in its refusal to surrender. Minbari, Vorlon, Earth, and other governments have filed official protests with the Centauri Republic for their use of mass drivers against the civilian population. But, so far, the protests have had no effect. Although communication with the Narn homeworld is difficult at best due to the continued attacks, word has reached ISN of cities utterly destroyed, hundreds of thousands of casualties, the total elimination of power and water over most of the Narn planetary surface. Most of their major cities have fallen, food shipments have stopped, the planetary economy has collapsed, and medical treatment is virtually non-existent. Government analysists predict that, unless the Narn government surrenders soon, their entire infrastructure will be totally destroyed. To quote Senator Ronald Quantrell, 'They're being bombed back into the stone age.'" Sheridan can take no more and orders the feed shut off.

G'Kar is barely able to maintain contact with the homeworld. The Narn on the other end says that the only way to survive is to surrender. G'Kar asks what will happen to the Narn on Babylon 5, but there is no way to know what the terms of the surrender will be. G'Kar offers to return, but as the only member of the Kha'Ri not on the homeworld, his contact says, G'Kar should stay alive as long as possible. The Narn delivers one last message to G'Kar from the Kha'Ri, which he says is the hardest thing he's ever had to ask of G'Kar.

Londo arrives at his quarters to find Garibaldi and a contingent of security guards, placed for his protection, there. Londo tells Garibaldi to inform Sheridan that he wishes to convene a meeting of the advisory council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

"A little over five standard hours ago," Londo tells the Council and the League, "the conflict which began with the Narn declaration of war came to an end. The Narn Regime has offered complete and unconditional surrender. The terms imposed by the Centauri Republic are as follows. One, the ruling body, known as the Kha'Ri will be disbanded and its members subject to arrest and trial for the commission of war crimes against the Centauri."

"Earth requests the right to send observers to these hearings," Sheridan says.

"That request is denied," Londo tells him. "Two. To prevent further acts of terror by the Narn against our people, from this day on, the penalty for the murder of any Centauri by any Narn will be the execution of five hundred Narns, beginning with the perpetrator's own family. Three. A provisional ruling council appointed by my government will take up the responsibility of rebuilding a more civilized Narn government as a colony of the greater Centauri Republic."

"Is there anything else?" Sheridan asks.

"Yes," Londo replies. "Just one thing. Because the Narn homeworld is now a protectorate of the Centauri Republic, we reserve the right to determine who can speak for Narn. As a result, Ambassador G'Kar may no longer represent the Narn in any official capacity whatsoever. His appointment as ambassador to Babylon 5 is hereby withdrawn. As the only member of the Kha'Ri still at large, Citizen G'Kar will return to Narn for trial."

Londo watches ISN as the reporter tells of the post-surrender events. "And dancing in the streets as Centauri Emperor Cartargia declared a week-long public celebration to commemorate the recapture of the Narn homeworld. In related news, the Centauri Republic today announced plans to annex several smaller worlds adjacent to Narn space, declaring them protectorates of the Republic. While government spokesmen insist that the Centauri do not have any expansionist plans beyond retaking the Narn homeworld, others in Earthdome are less sure."

Sheridan tells G'Kar that he will miss G'Kar's imposing presence in the Council chambers, and that he wants to help G'Kar in any way he can to win back his planet. He offers his hand to G'Kar, who hesitates at first: "The last time I offered someone my hand, we were at war twenty-four hours later." As Sheridan leaves, he is contacted by Ivanova; Delenn wants to see him in the conference center. He goes to meet her.
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