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A Day in the Strife
Babylon 5, episode 47 (3.3)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Stephen Macht   IMDB   Na'far
Marshall Teague   IMDB   Ta'lon
Anne Betancourt   IMDB   Gonzales
Neil Bradley   IMDB   Narn
Joshua Cox   IMDB   Lieutenant David Corwin
Mark Hendrickson   IMDB   Narn
Larita Shelby   IMDB   Med Tech
John St. Ryan   IMDB   Troublemaker
Michael Bailey Smith   IMDB   G'dok
DVD   B5 DVD #13

An alien probe makes first contact with the station. G'Kar tries to solidify his position among the Narn.
Na'Far explains to Sheridan and Ivanova that the Centauri believe G'Kar is creating an armed resistance on the Narn Homeworld, and they want it stopped. Sheridan asks Na'Far why he doesn't want the occupation stopped; Na'Far says that he feels it is not yet the time for action, and that he has been instructed to take over on Babylon 5. Sheridan denies his request, and insists that Na'Far work out his problems with G'Kar alone. Na'Far politely, but reservedly, thanks him and leaves.

In Earhart's, Garibaldi tells a very tired Dr. Franklin a story, but Franklin is in no mood. Ivanova comes by and sits down with them. Franklin says that he has been worried about Sheridan, who has been under an extreme amount of pressure recently, but Ivanova insists that he has had to be, because he has had more to deal with. Franklin receives a call from MedLab, asking him to take an extra shift. He reluctantly agrees, and goes off to the bathroom. While he's gone, Garibaldi tells Ivanova that he looked through Sheridan's file when he came aboard the station, and that he feels Sheridan is capable of handling any problems that arise. Ivanova leaves, running into Franklin on the way out. He is much more energetic now, and tells Garibaldi that he plans to ask a beautiful woman sitting nearby to dance, which he does.

Lt. Corwin tells Sheridan that they have been monitoring an alien probe that has entered Babylon 5 space, a probe of no known design. The probe, which appears to have no weapon systems, begins transmitting a code to Babylon 5, a series of repeating signals that will take the computer several hours to decode.

Garibaldi and Franklin sit down for an Italian dinner in Garibaldi's quarters, and Garibaldi begins to talk to Franklin about his use of stims. Garibaldi tells him that, for obsessive compulsives like themselves, it can be easy to form addictions. Franklin insists that he doesn't have a problem, but Garibaldi, who noticed Franklin's stim use back at Earhart's, tells him that he checked the records and found that Franklin purposefully takes extra shifts, even though he is always overworked. Franklin is upset that Garibaldi did this, but promises Garibaldi he doesn't have a problem, and will cut back on his use of stims.

Lt. Corwin reports to Ivanova that the computer has finished analyzing the probe's language codes. It was sent to initiate contact with other life forms, and promises that, if a list of just over 600 questions in many complex scientific and mathematical fields are answered within 24 hours, they will be rewarded with cures for disease and highly-advanced technology, but should they fail, they will be vaporized in a 500,000 megaton explosion when the probe self-destructs.

Ivanova and Sheridan try to work through solutions to the problem, but are unable to come up with any acceptable alternatives other than answering the probe's question. Ivanova tells him that most of the questions are very technical and some nearly theoretical, and that she had to send some of them back to Earth to be answered.

Vir insists that he doesn't want to go to Minbar, but Londo assures him that he will have a good time, and that it is a good career move, and that he will still return to the station now and then. He assures Vir that he is simply trying to protect him, and is capable of taking care of things himself. Londo is confident that Vir will adjust to his life on Minbar.

"Londo, if I leave, you'll be alone!" Vir objects.

"Ah," Londo replies, "I have always been alone."

Na'Far and Ta'Lon leave G'Kar's quarters and are accosted by some of the members of G'Kar's resistance, who insist that he is merely a puppet of the Centauri designed to carry out their will on Babylon 5. One of the Narns insists that Na'Far's sole purpose there is to break their souls, and wants him to go back to Narn. A battle ensues, but is interrupted by G'Kar who stops them and tells them that they cannot succeed if they fight amongst themselves. If the only way to solve these problems is to return to Narn, he agrees to do so.

With only six hours left, Babylon 5 has all but 75 questions answered, and they continue to process more all the time. Sheridan asks if they might be able to power up the weapons slowly so the probe wouldn't be able to detect it, but this crisis is interrupted by another: Corwin tells him that the transport association is demanding another meeting, which Sheridan reschedules seven hours later.

Dr. Franklin, talking to a doctor on Earth, is outraged to hear that they do not have answers to all the questions he asked. He blows up at her, telling her to find the other answers, or else he will do what he can before he dies to discredit her. He shuts off the link, and opens his desk again. This time, he succumbs and injects himself with stims.

Na'Far tries to rally the Narns aboard the station to his way of thinking, and tells them that one great victory is better than numerous small victories. He does a good job of persuading them of this, but there is one thing that this plan omits that they all want to have.

As G'Kar leaves the station, he is stopped by the many Narns of the resistance, who insist that G'Kar is valued and needed on the station. They refuse to let him leave, and though he tries to insist he is leaving in order to help them, they will not let him leave. He reminds them that their families may be in jeopardy, but they all realize this and are ready to accept what happens if it means the freedom of all Narns. Even Ta'Lon has been convinced to stay and join the Narn resistance, and tells G'Kar that only with his help can they eventually succeed. G'Kar agrees to stay aboard the station.

Garibaldi and Franklin sit in Earhart's discussing recent events, and though Garibaldi apologizes for what he said about the stims, Franklin tells him that he does have his use of them under control, since he managed to get through the previous days' trials without using them at all. He asks where Ivanova and Sheridan are, and Garibaldi tells him not to ask...

...Because they're embroiled in a Transport Association meeting, this one even louder and more disorganized than before.
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