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Point of No Return
Babylon 5, episode 53 (3.9)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Jonathan Chapman   IMDB   Passing Minbari
Joshua Cox   IMDB   Lieutenant David Corwin
Maggie Egan   IMDB   Isn Reporter
Milton James   IMDB   Centauri Official
Gunther Jensen   IMDB   Nightwatch Guard
Tony Rayner   IMDB   Man
Majel Barrett Roddenberry   IMDB   Lady Morella
Marshall Teague   IMDB   Ta'lon
Vaughn Armstrong   IMDB   Security Guard
Lewis Arquette   IMDB   Smits
Ed Trotta   IMDB   General O'Reilly
DVD   B5 DVD #15

As the Earth Alliance plunges toward civil war, internal strife threatens to shatter the command structure of B5. Zack's loyalties are put to the test when the Nightwatch is ordered to take over station security. Londo receives another glimpse of his destiny.
The latest word for Sheridan and Ivanova from Earth is that President Clark has just dissolved the Senate and the Elite Guard is moving in on defiant members in their chambers. Joint Chief of Staff General Hague is missing, but he left a message for Sheridan: "Everything's gone to hell, John. You're on your own." They head to command and control to try to steady the crew, ordering them to stay at their posts and keep a squadron of fighters on patrol at all times. Garibaldi catches Sheridan and Ivanova a moment later in the hall and relays that an alert has been posted for General Hague, who is trying to organize a counter strike. Hague is outnumbered, and the conspirators realize that if the general is captured, they will be arrested next. If he comes toward B5 they can help him, but in the meantime, they and everyone else will keep watching ISN.

G'Kar's singing is interrupted by Garibaldi setting him free from prison. He is quite pleased and obliquely promises some assistance.

The four senior officers receive a briefing from General Smits informing them that the Political Office has assigned all off-world security responsibility to Nightwatch personnel, and over Sheridan's protests orders them to obey the chain of command. This is the same order that the Nightwatch liaison is relaying to security members in their meeting. It is now their responsibility to root out the traitors who have sold out Earth throughout the station.

Returning to his quarters, G'Kar is astonished to find that Ta'lon has been guarding the door throughout his incarceration.

One by one, the security personnel approach the liaison and Zack to decide whether to accept the Nightwatch armband or quit duty and hand in their weapon and ID. Garibaldi knows what's going on and is infuriated by it. It is a matter of personal honor to him that the people he has carefully gathered and nurtured are not sold down the river by what he considers the squabbles of Earth politicians. Even though Sheridan begs him to reconsider, Garibaldi storms down to security to confront the Nightwatch armed with only the force of his character and his fierce sense of personal loyalty.

The Captain shows Commander Ivanova the official order of martial law on B5 which he must impose, but he refuses her offer of assistance in order to shield her from association with this despicable command.

Franklin finds Sheridan filled with revulsion for the entire situation, and the Nightwatch in particular. Suggesting caution and faith in Hague, Franklin reminds the Captain that he can't disobey the chain of command. This echo of General Smits prompts Sheridan to realize that there was a hidden message in the General's briefing.

Resplendent in full battle garb, G'Kar stalks into C and C to whisper in Ivanova's ear that he has had an idea.

A stressed and weary Zack comes home to find his living room staked out by Garibaldi, Ivanova and G'Kar, with Sheridan ordering him inside from the corridor behind.

Lady Morella is disturbed when an incidental touch passes her Londo's vision of himself on the Centauri throne.

When Zack discloses to the Nightwatch liaison that the Captain intends to replace the Nightwatch security personnel with a shipload of Narn arriving soon in Bay 9, the man glows with excitement at the prospect of catching them and arresting the entire command staff for sedition.

In single file and under the watchful eyes of Narn and loyal security guards, the Nightwatch are permitted to surrender their weapons and IDs and submit to house arrest.

Sheridan expresses his gratitude to G'Kar but is disturbed and suspicious when the former ambassador demands in return to be admitted into the secret alliance he knows Sheridan has been gathering.

Seated on far sides of their chamber, Londo and Vir eye each other edgily while the Lady Morella's parting line hangs in the long silences between them.

"I never thought it would end like this," Ivanova remarks to the Captain as they gaze out his office window at the station core. General Hague is likely to be captured soon, and the other defectors have already been shot down. They understand that they are next on the list.
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