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Severed Dreams
Babylon 5, episode 54 (3.10)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Jonathan Chapman   IMDB   Religious Minbari
Joshua Cox   IMDB   Lieutenant David Corwin
Maggie Egan   IMDB   Isn Reporter
Matt Gottlieb   IMDB   Isn Reporter
Kim Strauss   IMDB   Narn
Kim Miyori   IMDB   Sandra Hiroshi
Rance Howard   IMDB   David Sheridan
Phil Morris   IMDB   Bill Trainor
Bruce McGill   IMDB   Ryan
James Parks   IMDB   Drakhen
DVD   B5 DVD #15

When President Clark tries to seize control of Babylon 5 by force, Sheridan is faced with the prospect of severing the station's ties with Earth. Delenn receives disturbing news from a Ranger.
Delenn leaves to find the Grey Council just as the EAS Churchill arrives with her captain demanding an immediate meeting with Sheridan.

Sheridan takes a moment in the midst of the crisis to call home for what might be the last time. His father urges him not to worry about his parents, and to remember the first lesson he ever taught him. Never start a fight, but always finish it.
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