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Ceremonies of Light and Dark
Babylon 5, episode 55 (3.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Vincent Bilanco   IMDB   Maintenance Man
Joshua Cox   IMDB   Lieutenant David Corwin
Harlan Ellison   IMDB   Sparky the Computer
Doug McCoy   IMDB   Guard
Ed Wasser   IMDB   Morden
Jim Cody Williams   IMDB   Thug
William Forward   IMDB   Lord Refa
Don Stroud   IMDB   Boggs
Paul Perri   IMDB   Sniper
Kim Strauss   IMDB   Lennan
DVD   B5 DVD #15

The Nightwatch orders its members on Babylon 5 to target Delenn in an attempt to undermine Minbari actions during the recent crisis. Londo presents Refa with an ultimatum.
Ivanova, in C&C, is joined by Sheridan. She explains to him that they have succeeded in ridding the station of all the members of the Nightwatch they know about, and that Garibaldi is trying to track down the ones they might not know about. Garibaldi arrives, his arm in a sling, and explains that he fractured it during the recent attack on the station. He explains that most of the people on the station are upset about the communications channels being shut down, but Sheridan and Ivanova know they can't be reinstated until Earth can be prevented from using them to retake the station. Garibaldi asks how long Sheridan plans to be out of his uniform, and Sheridan explains that he won't put it back on until the situation is resolved. He leaves to make the rounds, which both Garibaldi and Ivanova are unsure about. Sheridan insists he can take care of himself and leaves.

As Sheridan makes his rounds in the Zocalo, a gunman waits, enclosed in shadows high above, targeting him with his weapon. Just as he is about to fire, he is pulled away by Boggs, a former member of Garibaldi's security staff, telling him that he was told to wait. The gunman insists that he had a good shot, but Boggs is less sure, saying instead that, should Sheridan fall, others would rise to take his place and that, sooner or later, they will get their "pound of flesh."

Delenn and Lennier approach Marcus as he returns from a voyage. Delenn tells Marcus that she has called for the Nafak'cha, the rebirth ceremony, which commemorates a great change that is coming, or one that has already arrived. Marcus feels that the time may be inappropriate, given that everyone will be embroiled in ceremonies of their own for a while.

One such ceremony is taking place where the members of EarthForce commit the bodies of their comrades, fallen in battle against Earth, to the depths of space, led by Sheridan, wearing his uniform one final time.

Delenn, in disguise, arrives at a bar Marcus frequents in Downbelow. She asks him why he isn't preparing for the ceremony, but he tells her that he has decided against participating. She doesn't understand his reluctance, but their conversation is cut short when someone he has been waiting for comes in.

Garibaldi turns off the computer system and restarts it. When it comes back on-line, the codes have been changed, but something new has happened as well: the computer has taken on an attitude of its own, and is less than inclined to follow Garibaldi's orders, which is due to a faulty artificial intelligence program, originally planned to be integrated into the station, which accidentally came on-line. As the computer taunts him and Ivanova, they plan to get rid of it yet again.

Delenn and Lennier approach Londo about taking place in the rebirth ceremony, but he is less than inclined to do what is necessary, which involves giving away something that once held great importance to him, and telling someone something he had never told anyone else. Delenn explains that she feels he needs to make up for the past and prepare for the future, but Londo claims he is already doing that, and has no interest in the ceremony. He storms off.

As Garibaldi puts up with the neverending ramblings of the computer, Ivanova calls him to report the kidnapping. Delenn asks her captors to let her tend to the bodyguard's injuries, incurred in the gunfire. Boggs reappears and checks on the status of another member of the Nightwatch, who is busy scrambling some circuits.

While Sheridan talks to Marcus, who blames himself for Delenn's kidnapping, Corwin reports that a call about the kidnapping is coming in. Sheridan has it traced, and it goes through. It is Boggs who explains his demands to have the Minbari cruisers leave in six hours, or all the hostages will be killed. They have scrambled the Babcom lines so the call can't be traced, and are monitoring all security channels. He warns them not to do anything stupid, or he will have no qualms about using violence, which he demonstrates by having the bodyguard killed, despite Delenn's screams of protestation. Marcus runs off to try to track Boggs down himself. Sheridan orders Garibaldi to find out all he can about Boggs' contacts, and anything else they may be able to use to find them.

Delenn and Lenann speak to each other in Minbari about a possible escape method, but the gunman understands their language, which he picked up during the war, and thwarts the plan by tightening their loosening ropes. He tells them that neither of them will survive the ordeal, but Delenn stuns him by telling him that she feels sorry for him, something he doesn't understand. She tells him that he is an unfortunate casualty of the war, and though the Earth and the Minbari have managed to come together, he has not, and he is left all alone. He starts to fire on her, but Lenann jumps up from his chair, diverting the weapon, which severely injures him. Boggs appears and stops the gunman from going any further.

Marcus, meanwhile, has kept his word, having dispatched of everyone in the bar except two of the poker players, who he soon takes care of. As he surveys the damage, realizing there is no one left awake to give him information, Lennier arrives and tells Marcus that he has come to discuss the rebirth ceremony, asking him again to come. Marcus doesn't understand why he's talking about that, and Lennier explains that it was Delenn's last request, and that, if he doesn't continue the preparations, there is nothing else to do. Lennier turns away, and Marcus grabs him on the arm, something which infuriates Lennier. Lennier rounds back on Marcus, explaining that he would like to tear apart the station looking for Delenn, but can't. As his part of the rebirth ceremony, he explains why he must do what she asks: he loves her.

Lennier explains that his love for her is not romantic love, but more higher and more noble, a "pure, perfect love," that he knows can never truly be returned, since she is fated for another. He has made a vow never to leave her side, a vow Marcus recognizes as dangerous. At that point, the last gambler Marcus downed awakes, and begins to tell Marcus, under threat of more pain, what he wants to know.

Ivanova explains that, though they still can't trace the call, they did find a background sound which Garibaldi is able to identify as the cooling system which feeds the fusion reactor in Grey sector. Sheridan knows that isn't enough, but Marcus arrives with another piece of the puzzle: the man he talked to overheard a contact in Security talk about delivering some equipment for call scrambling to level 14. They scan Grey 14 and find that it has been closed off - supposedly under Garibaldi's orders, orders he never gave. They begin preparing their attack, which, Sheridan explains, begins with a surrender.

Lennier tells Ivanova and Sheridan that Delenn will be okay, since the knife missed her vital organs. Sheridan wants to continue with the rebirth ceremony, but Lennier says that, since the ceremony must be held within a certain amount of time after preparations begin, she will not be able to conduct the ceremony. Garibaldi, meanwhile, is still being taunted by the artificial intelligence. While he is in the elevator, he is finally pushed too far, and shoots out the speaker.
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