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Falling Toward Apotheosis
Babylon 5, episode 70 (4.4)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Tom Billet   IMDB   Guard
Terry Cain   IMDB   Young Woman
Ardwight Chamberlain   IMDB   Kosh
Khin-Kyaw Maung   IMDB   Worker

The Vorlons step up their battle against the Shadows. Londo uncovers a new wrinkle in his plan to unseat Emperor Cartagia. Garibaldi is asked to remove Kosh from the station. Delenn gets a surprise.
Please Stand By Incoming Transmission

"You heard?" Lorien asks, as he and Sheridan walk through the station.

"I heard," Sheridan responds.

"They need to believe."

"Not in me."

"You can't save them all."

"I can try."

"You'll fail."

"We'll see."

As Sheridan and Lorien walk away, the face of Ivanova, on a nearby monitor, once again asks for everyone to remain calm. "Right now, our greatest enemy is fear." However, the Vorlon fleet, undaunted, continues on its way.

Garibaldi is in his office, looking through securecam stills of the docking bay. Zack comes in, and asks Garibaldi how he is. Garibaldi says he's fine, but he'll be better once he gets back to work. Zack notices what Garibaldi is doing, and asks him why, since Franklin wanted him to take it easy. Garibaldi says if he doesn't do something, he'll go crazy. He explains that he is worried about Lorien - wherever Sheridan is, Lorien is. Zack says that it is probably because Lorien saved Sheridan's life. Zack doesn't pretend to understand it, but is glad Sheridan made it back alive. He asks Garibaldi if he's sure he's okay, which annoys Garibaldi. Garibaldi asks Zack if he thinks he's lying about not remembering what happened after his disappearance, and Zack insists that nobody thinks Garibaldi is lying. Garibaldi, however, is still upset that he's being kept at arm's length while Sheridan, who went through similar circumstances, is welcomed back. Zack tells Garibaldi that Franklin wants to do one more examination, but after that, he'll be back on the job. Zack begins to leave, but as he goes, Garibaldi tells him that he feels Captain Sheridan is avoiding him, even though they were on good terms when Garibaldi left. Zack says he doesn't know why, but is sure Sheridan has his reasons. Garibaldi, taking this in, turns back to the securecam still of Lorien.

Londo and Cartagia walk back into the palace, and Londo tells Cartagia he is relieved that Cartagia won't send the Centauri ships. Cartagia says he reached Londo's conclusion as well, and that, when he realized that, he learned that he liked Londo very much, since they think the same way. Because of this, Cartagia tells him, he shows Londo something very few others have seen - his "shadow cabinet," his collection of heads. He says he was discussing the situation with them earlier, and that one of them, a previous minister, got the idea to not send out the Centauri ships. Londo asks Cartagia if that means Cartagia will ask the Shadows to leave, but no - Cartagia wants the Vorlons to come so that the planet can become an inauguration pyre to commemmorate Cartagia's ascension into godhood. Cartagia reasons that, when he becomes a god, his subjects will not be able to live without him, therefore, if he takes them all with him, no one will be sad when he dies. "Don't send the ships," Cartagia tells Londo. "Let them come! Let it all end in fire!"

"This is a Command and Control update. The safe haven for refugees on Tizino Prime is no longer responding. We believe they may have fallen to the Vorlon advance, but we can't be sure for another - I guess - ten, twelve hours? Before they attack, the Vorlons blanket all frequencies so no reports can get out. There have been some changes to the list of refugee stations. We'll have that information for you shortly - we've lost three of them. All the governments in sector 57 have declared a state of interplanetary emergency..." Reports coming in from survivors indicate mass destruction on a planetary scale. We continue to need medical ships, transports, anything that can fly. We're in special need of atmosphere-capable shuttles to evacuate survivors from the ground. We'll rebroadcast this message in twenty standard minutes."

"This is Command and Control," Ivanova says on BabCom. "We have another update on the Vorlon attack fleet. The Dura VII outpost has fallen. I Repeat, Dura VII has fallen. All medical ships in the area are being asked to help with the evacuation..."

Sheridan is in his quarters when he is informed that Londo is sending him a message. Londo asks Sheridan if the rumor about the Vorlons is true, and Sheridan confirms that it is. Londo asks how far the Vorlons are from Centauri Prime, since that information is not widely distributed on the planet. Sheridan tells Londo it will be about a week before they arrive. Londo asks if Sheridan is doing anything about it, and Sheridan says that, though they won't have anything in place for a while, they are doing their best, but there are no guarantees. Londo wishes Sheridan good luck and signs off.

Lyta enters Kosh's quarters. "I heard what happened," she tells him. "I came to warn you. Sheridan and the others are going to move against you."

"It is done," Kosh replies. "They are irrelevant."

"I know, I know they can't harm you, but I was thinking, it can't hurt to have all the information you can about what's going on. To protect yourself and the cause."


"I told you, I wasn't here when Ambassador Kosh died... I didn't have any of his essence with me. I thought he was gone. But, for a while, I suspected that someone else here had a piece of him. I think I know who it is, but I can't draw Kosh out of him... he won't let me."

"A human?"


"Imprisons one of us?"



"If there is still a piece of him there, you can draw it out of him. Use what it knows and take it back to Vorlon when this is all over. I cared about Kosh... I'd like to know he finally made it home."

"Show me."

"The guards..."

"They will not threaten us again. Show me!"

Lyta and Kosh leave the quarters, and make their way through the alien sector to the main part of the station. Lyta leads him down a corridor. "It's this way," she tells the Vorlon. "We have to hurry... I think he might leave soon."

"Your thoughts are troubled," Kosh says, stopping.

"I'm worried about Kosh, that's all. After everything we've been through, I'd hate to lose the last of him now, and..."

"What are you hiding?"


"Open your thoughts to me!"

"We don't have time for this..."

"Open..." The eyepeiece on Kosh's encounter suit opens wide for a moment, but it is too late... The plan has already begun. Sheridan, who was hiding nearby, yells at Lyta to get out of the way, which she does.

Kosh, in the middle of the corridor, is suddenly bombarded with blasts of electricity from several junction boxes, which hit the encounter suit directly. From other hiding places in the room, many more security guards appear, each firing their PPG rifles directly at the encounter suit. Delenn appears while this is going on, and watches in stunned silence. The current continues unabated, the security officers keep firing at the encounter suit for nearly a minute. There is a small explosion as the headpiece of Kosh's encounter suit shatters, and a flurry of light emerges from within. Kosh emerges from the encounter suit, but he appears this time as an enormous, glowing, tentacled being which begins flying around the room, attacking everything it can, and firing energy bolts of its own.

Lorien, who has been observing, nods to Sheridan. "Now." Sheridan manages to turn around and face the Vorlon, and as he does so, an enormous golden shape, bearing much resemblance to the other one, emerges from Sheridan's chest, and locks onto the other one. The two forms begin fighting each other. Delenn understands what has happened.

"It's Kosh... Kosh was inside him."

"Yes," Lorien tells her. "The last of Kosh. And some of him, and some of me."

Delenn runs over to Sheridan, who lies crumpled on the floor. Lorien tells her that his life force must be replenished, and places his hand on Sheridan's chest. Lorien's hand glows, and Delenn asks if that is how he brought him back at Z'ha'dum. Lorien tells her that he gives of himself to replenish Sheridan, for a little while. Delenn asks how long, but all Lorien tells her is, "Long enough." Sheridan regains conciousness, and Delenn holds him closely.

Dozens of warships crowd around Babylon 5 - Ivanova explains to Garibaldi that Sheridan wants the biggest fleet in history to end the war. Garibaldi asks what will happen if they win, since there is nowhere else for them to go. And, if they lose, that's the end. "God, I thought I was depressing," Ivanova says as she leaves C&C, allowing Garibaldi to ponder this on his own.

Londo arrives to find Cartagia and two guards looking after G'Kar. Londo tells Cartagia that their people on Narn are ready for their trip. Cartagia pulls Londo aside and tells him that he doesn't like the way G'Kar is looking at him. He asks Londo for advice, but Londo says that he is sure Cartagia will make an appropriate decision. Londo leaves hurriedly, and Cartagia continues to ponder the problem.

"No, I don't care at all for the way he looks at me," Cartagia says to himself. He reaches his decision. "Pluck out his eye!"

"Which one?" asks one of the guards.
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