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Racing Mars
Babylon 5, episode 76 (4.10)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Guest Cast:
Carrie Dobro   IMDB   Brakiri
Timothy Starks   IMDB   Guard
Brian Tahash   IMDB   Smuggler
Jeff Griggs   IMDB   Dan Randall
Clayton Landey   IMDB   Number Two
Marjorie Monaghan   IMDB   Number One
Mark Schneider   IMDB   Wade
Donovan Scott   IMDB   Jack
Geoff Meed   IMDB   Smuggler

Franklin and Marcus arrive on Mars to begin their undercover mission. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his behavior.
Franklin and Marcus, on the transport to Mars, are trying to pass the time by playing I Spy which, since there are very few things of note in the cargo hold, isn't going very well. Marcus disappears and reappears a few moments later, carrying a man in a neck-lock. "It would appear we have a spy on our hands, Stephen."

Sheridan is in his office/quarters trying to enjoy his vacation, but finds it difficult since every channel and station coming onto Babylon 5 has been blocked due to jamming, except ISN. Sheridan reluctantly listens to it, only to find a replay of Garibaldi's interview with Dan Randall. After rewatching it, Sheridan turns it off.

Franklin and Marcus are eating their meal bars, while Captain Jack continues to enjoy his own fine cuisine, which Franklin is not too happy about. Marcus reminds him that they aren't supposed to talk with anyone until they hear their contact's passphrase, which Captain Jack begins speaking to himself. Captain Jack explains that he wanted to check them out first, and then offers them some of his food. He hands Marcus and Franklin their new identicards, and explains that, since they get very few passengers, their access to the transit bureau is limited to what they could steal - in this case, Jim Fennermen and Daniel Lane, on their way to Mars - for their honeymoon. Neither Marcus nor Franklin is thrilled by this, but they resolve to make the best of it as the transport approaches Mars.

Sheridan, apparently just after having woken up, enters an elevator to find Lennier there. Sheridan doesn't say anything, but he doesn't need to. Lennier, apparently somewhat distrought, turns to him and has only one thing to say. "Whoo-hoo?"

Number One tells Franklin and Marcus that the other leaders of the Resistance are on their way, but it will take a couple of days. Marcus isn't too happy about this, but Number One is willing to put them up in a hotel where she has some control. She asks them to go out to dinner with her, but Marcus declines, allowing Franklin to go alone with her. Before they leave, Marcus asks her where they are staying. She tells him it's the Red Planet Hotel, and mentions that, for some reason, they were given the honeymoon suite. "Right. Fine," Marcus says as they leave. "I'll remind you of this when we decide on custody of the children."

"That's what happens," Wade tells him. "That's exactly what happens when one man begins to matter more than the cause. Are you with us?"

"I won't hurt him," Garibaldi insists.

"No one's asking you to," Wade says. "You give him to us when we tell you to. We'll see to it that he gets the help that he needs. Are you with us?"
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