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The Excercise of Vital Powers
Babylon 5, episode 82 (4.16)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Bruce Boxleitner   IMDB   Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian   IMDB   Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle   IMDB   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan   IMDB   Ambassador Delenn
Andreas Katsulas   IMDB   G'Kar
Peter Jurasik   IMDB   Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs   IMDB   Doctor Stephen Franklin
Kenneth Cortland   IMDB   Patient
Sandy Grinn   IMDB   Patient
Denise Gentile   IMDB   Lise Hampton
Mark Schneider   IMDB   Wade
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.   IMDB   William Edgars
Shelley Robertson   IMDB   Ms. Constance

Garibaldi arrives on Mars and meets William Edgars. Lyta helps Franklin in an attempt to make contact with the frozen telepaths.
"This is Commander Susan Ivanova brining you the Voice of the Resistance. The liberation fleet continues to retake territory held in violation of the Earth Alliance constitution. More ships on the other side continue to defect carrying stories of atrocities carried out under the direct orders of President Clark. In addition to the liberation of Proxima III, the colony at Beta Durani and the mid-range military base have also been freed. The long march toward Earth continues."

"Personal Log, Michael Garibaldi. It's started. They're really doing it. This is what I was afraid would happen. But it's been coming for a long time - ever since Sheridan got back. Before he went to Z'ha'dum, he never would have gone up against his own - our own - government like this. I don't know - maybe he thinks he's Alexander the Great. And maybe he thinks he's John the Baptist. And maybe he wants to take over the whole operation for himself." The transport tubes on Mars appear. "That's the part that worries me. That's the part that made me come back here. Mars... I can't believe I'm back on Mars. Three times before, this place almost killed me. I swore I'd never give it another chance to finish the job. Humans got no business being here. No business at all."

"It still is a bad sign," says Garibaldi, now wearing the blindfold.

"Mars," Garibaldi says, continuing his log. "Can't believe I'm back on Mars. I've got to be out of my mind."

Wade shows Garibaldi the room he will be staying, and then leaves him for the night. The room is on the small side, containing little more than a bed and a few light fixtures. Garibaldi settles in for the night.

Garibaldi is asleep in his room when the door bursts open and several figures in mask rush in. They grab him and force him out of the room, and into another chamber, where only one figure, a woman, sits at a table. The voice of Edgars, coming from unseen speakers, assures him he is in no danger. Edgars explains that the woman is a telepath, and she will only inform him if he is telling the truth when he answers Edgars' questions.

Edgars begins by asking Garibaldi what he thinks about telepaths, and Garibaldi responds that he doesn't trust them - he doesn't like someone being able to get inside his head, or being able to tell if he's lying if he doesn't know when they are, or to be able to conduct business with no records. He says the tension between telepaths and mundanes will turn ugly someday, but hopes he won't be alive to see it. Edgars asks if this means he feels they are a menace to society, and Garibaldi answers, "The biggest one we've got."

Edgars asks Garibaldi if he was sincere when he said he wanted to locate and secure someone, and Garibaldi answers yes to both questions. The telepath turns and nods.

Edgars asks Garibaldi if he can remember anything about his disappearance from Babylon 5 earlier that year. Garibaldi says he can't remember anything. The telepath turns again, and nods.

Edgars tells Garibaldi that he is finished, and can go. As he walks toward the door, however, Edgars asks one more question: Is Garibaldi still in love with Lise? Garibaldi answers no, Edgars thanks him, and lets him return to his room. The telepath turns and shakes her head. Edgars thanks the telepath and tells her that Wade will see to her payment.

Edgars enters his own room, to find Lise waiting up. She asks him how it went, and he tells her it went fine, but he also tells her that she was never mentioned. He says he thinks Garibaldi put it all behind him, and that he thinks Garibaldi would be a fine addition. He tells Lise not to worry, and that everything will be just fine.

As the telepath gathers her coat and prepares to leave, Wade appears in the doorway. As she turns to face him, he pulls a PPG and fires several shots directly at her.

Garibaldi asks what Sheridan has to do with this, and Edgars explains that, should Sheridan go too far, Clark will remove the last restrictions from the PsiCorps, giving them all the power they need, turning it into a military and police force under his direct control, which Garibaldi recognizes as thought police. When that happens, Edgars believes, they will never let go of their power. Edgars tells Garibaldi that Clark is not really in charge - that his own megacorporation, as well as the others on Earth, have really been running things behind the scenes for years. Now that the PsiCorps threatens their bussinesses, they have to take action. Edgars wants Sheridan out of the way so that they have enough time to perfect their solution, and to keep him from putting too much power in the PsiCorps too soon. Garibaldi asks Edgars how they can stop the PsiCorps when Lise interrupts, telling them that breakfast is ready. Edgars asks Garibaldi if he'd like to join them, but Garibaldi declines, instead saying that he has some thinking to do. Edgars starts to leave, but Garibaldi stops him and asks him if the story he was just told was really the truth. Edgars tells him it's as close to the truth as he - or anyone else - will ever get, but that it should be enough for Garibaldi to decide if he wants to continue working with Edgars. Edgars tells Garibaldi he hopes that he will, and then leaves for breakfast.

As the fleet continues on its way, Sheridan is talking to Ivanova, who is still on Babylon 5. She tells him that they have turned two more Earth Alliance ships over to the Resistance, a fact which pleases and worries Sheridan - he always becomes suspicious when things start going too well. He asks her about Delenn, and Ivanova tells him that she is done with her work on Minbar, and will be back on Babylon 5 soon. There is nothing else that she has to report, but he tells her that he wants to talk to Dr. Franklin.

Garibaldi arrives in Edgars' office, and tells him that he's been thinking about a lot of things. Garibaldi says that he has made his decision - he is in all the way. Edgars is pleased, but Garibaldi wants to know the rest of the story. That's not good enough for Edgars, though - he wants Garibaldi to prove himself. The way to do that is to give him Sheridan. If he does that, Edgars will tell him the rest. Edgars wants Clark to feel secure in his position, and with Sheridan, that will give Edgars the time he needs to do what he must. Garibaldi doesn't want Clark to get Sheridan, since he is sure he'll kill him. Edgars knows that Clark is an amateur, and will go through the motions, but won't kill him, at least right away. Edgars says that they need to take Sheridan out of the picture, and that it is time to do so. Garibaldi tells Edgars that the easiest way to get to Sheridan is through his father. Edgars says that Earth was torn apart looking for him, but no one knows how to find him. Garibaldi, however, does - he knows Sheridan's father has a rare blood disease which requires the use of a certain Centauri drug, which is rare and expensive, and easy to track. Edgars says that they still need someone to set Sheridan up, and Garibaldi volunteers. Edgars tells Garibaldi that he's doing the right thing, and hopes he understands it.
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