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Babylon 5 episodlista: PalmPilot Episode Guide (Requires JFile 5.5).

1:a säsong
Midnight on the Firing Line
Premiärdatum: 26 Jan 1994
Midnight on the Firing Line, as well as the Babylon 5 series, starts out at the Ragesh 3 colony, a Centauri agricultural colony. The colony finds itself suddenly under attack. As the station in orbit around the colony is about to contact its home world, C
Soul Hunter
Premiärdatum: 02 Feb 1994
Sinclair is waiting at a docking bay for the arrival of Dr. Stephen Franklin, the new medical chief of staff - and evidently an old friend of Sinclair. Right after the new doctor arrives, Sinclair gets a message from the bridge that there's a disturbance
Born to the Purple
Premiärdatum: 09 Feb 1994
Ambassador Mollari is sitting in a night club, intensely enjoying the show. His pleasure is interrupted by Sinclair and G'Kar, who have come, quite angrily, to tell him that he can't evade his responsibilities any longer - that tomorrow morning, Londo wil
Premiärdatum: 16 Feb 1994
A reporter from Interstellar Network News has arrived on Babylon 5, to cover the second anniversary of the opening of Babylon 5 (an event which was extremely unlikely, considering the fate of the previous Babylon stations, according to the reporter). Unfo
The Parliament of Dreams
Premiärdatum: 23 Feb 1994
Earth Central has planned a cultural exchange where all alien societies on B5 will have the opportunity to demonstrate their dominant religious beliefs. Needless to say, this idea has caused nightmares for the security officers; at the moment, Garibaldi i
Mind War
Premiärdatum: 02 Mar 1994
Jason Ironheart, Psi-Corps Level 10, has stolen a transport vessel but is being pursued. His pursuers order him to stop, but he ignores them. Suddenly, there is a strong explosion, and only one ship emerges: Ironheart's ship, headed toward Babylon 5.

The War Prayer
Premiärdatum: 09 Mar 1994
Shaal Mayan, a famed Minbari poet and an old friend of Delenn, has arrived on Babylon 5 to give a public performance of her poetry. She and Delenn are sitting in Delenn's quarters, discussing poetry - and life in general. Mayan, however, must wake up earl
And the Sky Full of Stars
Premiärdatum: 16 Mar 1994
A solemn-looking man, known to us only as "Knight Two," has arrived on Babylon 5. Shortly after his arrival, he sees another man ("Knight One") in the waiting area and moves over to him quietly.

Meanwhile, right outside the waiting area, a security off
Premiärdatum: 20 Apr 1994
Talia Winters runs into Ambassador Kosh, who wants to use her telepathic services in an important, upcoming negotiation. She seems reluctant at first, but Kosh assures her that all arrangements - including legal clearances and payment - have already been
Premiärdatum: 27 Apr 1994
Shon, a young alien boy, has developed a "congested blockage in his upper air passages." When Dr. Franklin explains to Shon's parents that Shon's condition can be cured by a fairly routine surgical procedure, the parents seem bewildered. "You will cut him
Premiärdatum: 04 Maj 1994
President Santiago has decided to visit Babylon 5, ostensibly in order to present a new fighter wing to the station (though some people believe his real purpose is to drum up popular support for his new alien trade and immigration policies, which have met
By Any Means Necessary
Premiärdatum: 11 Maj 1994
Ivanova, on the Observation Dome, is faced with the less-than-pleasant job of scheduling half a dozen impatient ships for docking at B5. To make her life more difficult, the captain of one of the waiting ships - a Narn transport - calls in and claims to b
Signs and Portents
Premiärdatum: 18 Maj 1994
Ivanova, after awakening with difficulty from a sound sleep, reports to C&C just in time to find Sinclair listening to a distress call from a lone Starfury pilot who's being attacked by raiders not far from the station. Sinclair launches a wing of fighter
Premiärdatum: 25 Maj 1994
A rabbi and a young man, Walker Smith, arrive on the station.

Nearby, one alien is selling stolen "slappers" from Medlab to another alien. Garibaldi interrupts them, decking one when it tries to run. As he arrests the other, the first one comes at him
Premiärdatum: 06 Jul 1994
A transport ship docks with the station.

Sinclair sits down to eat with Garibaldi. Delenn and Lennier interrupt them; there is a distinguished guest coming aboard, Delenn says, and Sinclair should greet him.

In Downbelow, a crime boss named Deuce as
Premiärdatum: 13 Jul 1994
Garibaldi is trying to put together an old motorcycle when he's visited by Lennier. Shaal Mayan (cf. "The War Prayer") is about to visit the station again, and, given what happened the last time she was there, Delenn wants to arrange extra security. Aft
Premiärdatum: 20 Jul 1994
Sinclair and Garibaldi await the arrival of a ship bearing the body of Branmer, the Minbari general who led the attack on the Line. Branmer died on a diplomatic mission and his ship is enroute home, stopping along the way to let people pay their respects.
A Voice in the Wilderness I
Premiärdatum: 27 Jul 1994
An elderly Minbari male arrives on the station and asks to be shown to Ambassador Delenn.

Epsilon 3, the planet B5 is orbiting, is experiencing large earthquakes. Ivanova and Sinclair clear Dr. Tasaki, a geologist, to take a shuttle closer to the plane
A Voice in the Wilderness II
Premiärdatum: 03 Aug 1994
(Continuing where Part 1 left off)

Garibaldi is relieved to hear that Sinclair and Ivanova are returning from the planet, but his relief is cut short when a tech announces that a ship, a big ship, is coming through the jump gate. He looks down at his c
Babylon Squared
Premiärdatum: 10 Aug 1994
We join Sinclair and Garibaldi in the dining hall. They are soon joined by a very tired Ivanova, who was awakened one hour early by C&C after mysterious tachyon emissions were discovered in sector 14, three hours away from Babylon 5. Though Ivanova believ
The Quality of Mercy
Premiärdatum: 17 Aug 1994
Londo is talking to a Centauri senator on his screen. The senator tells him that it's vital he promote good relations with the other species on Babylon 5, some of whom may be potential allies. Londo protests that he's doing the best he can, but the senato
Premiärdatum: 26 Okt 1994
It is December 30, 2258. As the episode opens, Londo and G'Kar are arguing before the council about quadrant 37. G'Kar accuses the Centauri government of sending armed ships into Narn space, but Londo is adamant in his belief that quadrant 37 is neutral t
2:a säsong
Points of Departure
Premiärdatum: 02 Nov 1994
It is January 8, 2259. The Earth Alliance ship Agamemnon jumps into hyperspace. Its commanding officer, Captain John Sheridan, receives a gold channel message from General Hague of the joint chiefs of staff. General Hague tells Captain Sheridan that a Min
Premiärdatum: 09 Nov 1994
During a meeting of the council, Londo complains about the absence of Ambassadors Delenn and G'kar. This upsets him greatly, and he moves that they reprimand both ambassadors and ask the Narn and Minbari governments to assign new representatives to the co
The Geometry of Shadows
Premiärdatum: 16 Nov 1994
Garibaldi is in MedLab, having the wounds incurred from his former aide's attack on him examined. Garibaldi tries lying to Franklin about his condition, claiming that he is suffering less pain than he actually is. Franklin doesn't like this, but tells Gar
A Distant Star
Premiärdatum: 23 Nov 1994
At C&C, Ivanova delivers a message to Sheridan from Captain Maynard of the Cortez. The Cortez is coming to Babylon 5 to pick up supplies. Ivanova notices that they are asking for a lot of supplies, and Sheridan explains that it is because they have been t
The Long Dark
Premiärdatum: 30 Nov 1994
Sheridan arrives at C&C after Ivanova's call. Babylon 5 has picked up a weak signal which Ivanova doesn't recognize coming out of deep space, from something that didn't use a jump gate. Sheridan asks if it is an alien craft, but it isn't. Ivanova plays th
Spider in the Web
Premiärdatum: 07 Dec 1994
While Sheridan and Ivanova take care of minor station affairs, Talia waits for a friend who soon arrives, Taro Isogi. They greet each other, and he asks her what she thinks of his new Mars proposal. "It's like all your proposals," she says. "Too progressi
Soul Mates
Premiärdatum: 14 Dec 1994
Garibaldi finds Vir awaiting the arrival of Londo's three wives in the customs area. A female Centauri approaches the two, and introduces herself to Vir as Timov, one of Londo's wives. She tells him to take her to Londo, and they leave together. As they l
A Race Through Dark Places
Premiärdatum: 25 Jan 1995
Ivanova is in Sheridan's office, reporting to him about the budget problems Babylon 5 is facing, due in part to the increased number of EarthForce military transports passing through Babylon 5. That is forcing the station to reroute its commercial traffic
The Coming of Shadows
Premiärdatum: 01 Feb 1995
On Centauri Prime, the Centauri emperor prepares for his voyage off the homeworld. His prime minister plans to go with him - citing the emperor's poor health - but the emperor declines; the prime minister is next in line of authority and needs to remain b
Premiärdatum: 08 Feb 1995
It is a quiet evening on the station, and Commander Ivanova is enjoying the peace when she receives word that the jump gate is activating and six EarthForce ships are coming through.

A shuttle from the main ship docks, and Sheridan is there to meet the
All Alone in the Night
Premiärdatum: 15 Feb 1995
Ambassador Delenn is in her quarters, examining a mobile hanging there. Lennier comes in, asking why he was summoned. She tells him that she received a message from the Grey Council, saying that, now that the new leader is in place, she should return so i
Acts of Sacrifice
Premiärdatum: 22 Feb 1995
The Narn and the Centauri are engaged in battle, while the Narn attempt to evacuate civilians from a planet. Several ships are destroyed, and despite the efforts of one large Narn war cruiser, they are unable to completely stave off the Centauri attacks,
Hunter, Prey
Premiärdatum: 01 Mar 1995
Garibaldi arrives at C&C, and asks an officer on duty where Captain Sheridan and Commander Ivanova are. The officer tells him that they are in bay 13. Garibaldi goes down there, more than a little puzzled by their reasons for being there.

Sheridan and
There All the Honor Lies
Premiärdatum: 26 Apr 1995
Ivanova is furious at news Sheridan brings: in order to help Babylon 5 become more self-sufficient, Babylon 5 is going to be merchandised. Sheridan explains that the Zocalo is opening a gift shop so that anyone who wants a present for someone, or themselv
And Now For a Word
Premiärdatum: 03 Maj 1995
Note: Due to the unusual format of this episode, a transcript is being used instead of a typical synopsis. The idea of a transcript has JMS' blessing.

Bold text appeared as subtitles onscreen. Emphasized text indicates a description of something. (If y
In The Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum
Premiärdatum: 10 Maj 1995
Garibaldi and Zack Allen are supervising the recent influx of Narn refugees. The station is running out of space and resources to treat the many injured refugees from the Narn-Centauri war before they are fit to return to the Narn homeworld. Zack suggests
Premiärdatum: 17 Maj 1995
Dr. Franklin examines Sheridan and tells him that there is nothing physically wrong with him, except for the common effects of a sudden fright. He also explains that the body's movements were due to gas buildups inside the body. Sheridan asks what killed
Confessions and Lamentations
Premiärdatum: 24 Maj 1995
On C&C, Ivanova tells Sheridan about a Markab cruiser that is ten hours overdue that has resisted all attempts at communication. She says she wants to send out Zeta squadron to find out what happened to the ship, and that she will do so as soon as Lieuten
Divided Loyalties
Premiärdatum: 11 Okt 1995
A wounded man rushes through the sewers of the Mars Colony, where he meets up with a Ranger. Just before the man dies, he hands the Ranger a data crystal. "Take it to Babylon 5. Tell them... tell them it's not safe." The Ranger takes the data crystal and
The Long, Twilight Struggle
Premiärdatum: 18 Okt 1995
Delenn steps off the elevator and meets Sheridan to tell him that Draal appeared to her as well. The two continue on together.

Garibaldi expresses great doubt about the message received from Draal, but Delenn insists that Draal is who he claims. Even S
Comes the Inquisitor
Premiärdatum: 25 Okt 1995
Delenn walks to the end of a darkened corridor where she sees Kosh partially hidden in the shadows. "Lennier said you were calling for me," she says to him.

"Yes," he replies.

"Is there something wrong?"

"You, perhaps. We have sent for an inquisi
The Fall of Night
Premiärdatum: 01 Nov 1995
Captain Sheridan is out helping to train Zeta Squadron against the Centauri, should the need to fight them ever arise. One of the other pilots is able to shoot Lt. Keffer quite easily, and is about ready to start again when Sheridan receives a call from I
3:e säsong
Matters of Honor
Premiärdatum: 06 Nov 1995
While the station is being repaired, both inside and out, Sheridan goes to the rock garden, where he meets Ambassador Kosh. He tells Kosh that, ever since Kosh had saved his life the previous week, he hadn't thanked him properly, and that Kosh hadn't retu
Premiärdatum: 13 Nov 1995
Still in Docking, Zack's day improves further when the arrival of a chapter of monks interrupts his attempts to respond to the explosion. In Downbelow, the heavy damage and confusion mystify the crew. Although Garibaldi determines that it was a bomb, he c
A Day in the Strife
Premiärdatum: 20 Nov 1995
Na'Far explains to Sheridan and Ivanova that the Centauri believe G'Kar is creating an armed resistance on the Narn Homeworld, and they want it stopped. Sheridan asks Na'Far why he doesn't want the occupation stopped; Na'Far says that he feels it is not y
Passing Through Gethsemane
Premiärdatum: 27 Nov 1995
As Ivanova and Brother Edward banter over the outcome, Brother Theo and Captain Sheridan are engaged in a match of wits over chess and faith. Just as Brother Theo wins at both, Ivanova is called away to meet Ambassador Kosh's arriving ship. She has been i
Voices of Authority
Premiärdatum: 29 Jan 1996
While Garibaldi and Zack Allen are walking down the corridor, Ivanova calls Garibaldi, telling him there is a code 7-R, and Garibaldi says he will be right there. Zack asks about the code, which he is unfamiliar with, but Garibaldi skirts the issue and le
Dust to Dust
Premiärdatum: 05 Feb 1996
Ivanova arrives in Garibaldi's office to receive a message from the PsiCop Bester, who will be arriving on Babylon 5 in seven hours. He claims that there is an individual on board who may be a danger to the station, Earth, and the PsiCorps. Garibaldi tell
Premiärdatum: 12 Feb 1996
Things are not quite as celebratory, however, in Downbelow, where a lurker is screaming in pain while a strange small creature, resembling a scorpion, burrows itself into his back while the man and the woman who met the incoming ship earlier stand over hi
Messages from Earth
Premiärdatum: 19 Feb 1996
Garibaldi is griping about having to eat the same breakfast every day for three years when an attractive covered plate arrives for Ivanova with a little note attached. To everyone's astonishment it turns out to be fresh eggs and bacon which Marcus has mir
Point of No Return
Premiärdatum: 26 Feb 1996
The latest word for Sheridan and Ivanova from Earth is that President Clark has just dissolved the Senate and the Elite Guard is moving in on defiant members in their chambers. Joint Chief of Staff General Hague is missing, but he left a message for Sheri
Severed Dreams
Premiärdatum: 01 Apr 1996
Delenn leaves to find the Grey Council just as the EAS Churchill arrives with her captain demanding an immediate meeting with Sheridan.

Sheridan takes a moment in the midst of the crisis to call home for what might be the last time. His father urges hi
Ceremonies of Light and Dark
Premiärdatum: 08 Apr 1996
Ivanova, in C&C, is joined by Sheridan. She explains to him that they have succeeded in ridding the station of all the members of the Nightwatch they know about, and that Garibaldi is trying to track down the ones they might not know about. Garibaldi arri
Sic Transit Vir
Premiärdatum: 15 Apr 1996
Vir is enjoying a little dream of his own, stroking the imperial trappings as he waits in the throne room for a meeting with a royal councilor. The minister congratulates him on his excellent reports from Minbar, while chiding him for relying on Ambassado
A Late Delivery from Avalon
Premiärdatum: 22 Apr 1996
The Commander and Captain are relieved to see the first Earth transport arrive since their secession from the Earth Alliance, as they need the trade to pay the station's operating costs. However, their defense needs are still uncertain since the Minbari w
Ship of Tears
Premiärdatum: 29 Apr 1996
A hopeful crowd has gathered in the Zocalo, eager to see the first ISN broadcast since transmissions broke off violently after the imposition of martial law a few weeks earlier. However, even Ivanova is disheartened by the anchor's bold-faced lie that the
Interludes and Examinations
Premiärdatum: 06 Maj 1996
The Brakiri ambassador tells Sheridan and Ivanova that they cannot fight the Shadows themselves, and asks for help. Sheridan says that he can't help, since they no longer have Earth's support. Sheridan explains that the Brakiri were wrong to have trusted
War Without End I
Premiärdatum: 13 Maj 1996
Back on Babylon 5, C&C detects a distress call coming from sector 14, which surprises Ivanova since it has been quarantined for nearly 3 years after Babylon 4 disappeared there. Lt. Corwin plays the message, and it is Ivanova's own voice, which a comp
War Without End II
Premiärdatum: 20 Maj 1996
Sheridan is brought around to face Londo, and Sheridan insists that what he sees on Centauri Prime couldn't happen. He demands to know what year it is, and Londo tells him it is the last year, day, and hour of Sheridan's life - seventeen years after he be
Premiärdatum: 30 Sep 1996
Londo is outraged that Babylon 5 has accepted the sole surviving Narn heavy cruiser, the G'Tok, into the station's mutual protection alliance. Garibaldi is unimpressed.

A visibly upset Lyta Alexander visits Medlab searching for answers about the death
Grey 17 is Missing
Premiärdatum: 07 Okt 1996
B5 is openly recruiting telepaths, but it is slow going. Sheridan recalls Franklin's underground network for helping telepaths escape Psi Corps, and Ivanova goes looking for the doctor, who is still on Walkabout.

A maintenance worker is checking a powe
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Premiärdatum: 14 Okt 1996
Z Minus 14 Days

The station is a flurry of activity as war preparations continue. Since they can jam the Shadows, telepaths of many races are being recruited and assigned to Army of Light patrol ships. G'Kar insists that each telepath should be given a
Shadow Dancing
Premiärdatum: 21 Okt 1996
Z Minus 7 Days

Delenn appeals to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to assist the Army of Light in the war against the Shadows. The League, however, is not inclined to join them, without knowing what they are getting into. Lennier urges them to trust Del
Premiärdatum: 28 Okt 1996
"Humans have a phrase," Delenn narrates, as we see a recap of events leading up to the present, while she watches over Sheridan as he sleeps. "'What is past is prologue.' Minbari also have a phrase. 'What is past is also sometimes future.'"

The door to
4:e säsong
#067 (4.1)
The Hour of the Wolf
Premiärdatum: 04 Nov 1996
A week has passed since Captain Sheridan's ill-fated mission to Z'ha'dum and Garibaldi's disappearance. No one on Babylon 5 is taking this turn of events harder than Commander Ivanova, who stalks the station lost in another world and spends sleepless nigh
#068 (4.2)
Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Premiärdatum: 11 Nov 1996
"Personal Log, January 8, 2261, Doctor Stephen Franklin reporting. It's been fourteen days since Captain Sheridan was presumed killed on Z'ha'dum - nine days since Mr. Garibaldi disappeared on patrol outside the station. MedLab's quiet these days. The Lea
#069 (4.3)
The Summoning
Premiärdatum: 18 Nov 1996
Ivanova requests a favor from Delenn. She wants to borrow a White Star ship to go in search of First Ones like the ones found at Sigma 957 ("Voices of Authority") who might assist them in their desperate mission next week against Z'ha'dum.

Vir and Londo h
#070 (4.4)
Falling Toward Apotheosis
Premiärdatum: 25 Nov 1996
Please Stand By Incoming Transmission

"You heard?" Lorien asks, as he and Sheridan walk through the station.

"I heard," Sheridan responds.

"They need to believe."

"Not in me."

"You can't save them all."

"I can try."

"You'll fail."

#071 (4.5)
The Long Night
Premiärdatum: 27 Jan 1997
"Giants in the playground," Sheridan remarks with disgust.

Ivanova tracks down the Captain again in his office. She tells Sheridan he must be proud. Even if they die in the coming battle, it will be at the head of what must be the greatest fleet the ga
#072 (4.6)
Into the Fire
Premiärdatum: 03 Feb 1997
"Commander's Personal Log. We're still searching for First Ones to use in our war with the Vorlons and the Shadows. There's less than twenty-four hours left before everything hits the fan. We can't afford to waste any more time. We have to get back to Bab
#073 (4.7)
Premiärdatum: 10 Feb 1997
Trouble is brewing for them at home, though. President Clark sees the station as a clear and present danger to him now that the Shadows are gone and orders all his executive forces into action to take them out. The first salvo is a propaganda offensive co
#074 (4.8)
The Illusion of Truth
Premiärdatum: 17 Feb 1997
Zack enters the docking bay to find an incident in progress - a minor fight, which one of the security guards says was started when several new arrivals to the station wouldn't allow their cargo to be inspected. They couldn't detect anything from the scan
#075 (4.9)
Premiärdatum: 24 Feb 1997
Greeting a Minbari delegation at the gate, Delenn requests one more day to spend with Sheridan. She promises to tell him where she is going, but not why. She is quite unsettled when the lead delegate suggests that it would be more honest to tell the Capta
#076 (4.10)
Racing Mars
Premiärdatum: 21 Apr 1997
Franklin and Marcus, on the transport to Mars, are trying to pass the time by playing I Spy which, since there are very few things of note in the cargo hold, isn't going very well. Marcus disappears and reappears a few moments later, carrying a man in a n
#077 (4.11)
Lines of Communication
Premiärdatum: 28 Apr 1998
The meeting with the leaders of the resistance is ready to begin as soon as everyone arrives. Franklin and Marcus' mission to Mars is well-timed. Number One of the Mars Resistance estimates that Earth Force will have captured and subdued all of Mars withi
#078 (4.12)
Conflicts of Interest
Premiärdatum: 05 Maj 1998
Zack enters Sheridan's office to find the Captain staring, silently, at a painting hanging on his wall. Sheridan explains that he has been doing some thinking, and that there are some unpleasant things he needs to take care of, which he can do now that De
#079 (4.13)
Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Premiärdatum: 12 Maj 1997
With an exultant shout, the Captain stands up and comes over to their table. "There has got to be an easier way to do this!" he enthuses, with his characteristic "I've got an idea" gleam in his eye. He orders Marcus to take three White Stars to a sector o
#080 (4.14)
Moments of Transition
Premiärdatum: 19 Maj 1997
Sheridan is in his quarters, unable to sleep. He calls C&C, asking if they have been able to contact Delenn on Minbar. They haven't, due to fighting in the capital city. Sheridan hasn't heard anything from her since she left, but asks to be informed i
#081 (4.15)
No Surrender, No Retreat
Premiärdatum: 26 Maj 1997
Once again the station mobilizes for war. The murder of 10,000 refugees fleeing Proxima 3 has forced Sheridan to decide that it's time to retaliate against Clark.

"We're going to take back our home. Or die trying," Captain Sheridan concludes.

#082 (4.16)
The Excercise of Vital Powers
Premiärdatum: 02 Jun 1997
"This is Commander Susan Ivanova brining you the Voice of the Resistance. The liberation fleet continues to retake territory held in violation of the Earth Alliance constitution. More ships on the other side continue to defect carrying stories of atrociti
#083 (4.17)
The Face of the Enemy
Premiärdatum: 09 Jun 1997
As Sheridan's forces approach Earth, the fighting grows more fierce. Outgunned and unable to flee, Clark's remaining ships still refuse to surrender.

Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin and Lyta find themselves on Mars again with their disturbing cargo.

#084 (4.18)
Intersections in Real Time
Premiärdatum: 16 Jun 1997
In the dark of an empty room, Sheridan is lying on the floor, asleep, voices floating through his dreams, reminding him of how he got there. Sheridan is rousted from his sleep when the single door to the room flies open, and from the light outside steps a
#085 (4.19)
Between the Darkness and the Light
Premiärdatum: 06 Okt 1997
In a busy shipping station on Mars, Garibaldi meets up with his contact. Apparently the Resistance doesn't believe that Sheridan's kidnapping wasn't Garibaldi's fault. Several men leap out of the shadows and beat him senseless. At their headquarters, Numb
#086 (4.20)
Premiärdatum: 13 Okt 1997
The alliance fleet is in hyperspace. Aboard a Minbari heavy cruiser, Marcus keeps watch over Ivanova. Delenn walks in, and tells him the transport to take Ivanova back to Babylon 5 has arrived. Marcus argues that she would want to be at the battle, and si
#087 (4.21)
Rising Star
Premiärdatum: 20 Okt 1997
An ISN Special Report.

* President Clark commited suicide last night. Cameras show the Executive Office, a sheet thrown over a body in a chair with the sign, "Traitor to Earth!" taped to the chest.

* Meanwhile, Sheridan has surrendered to Earth offi
#088 (4.22)
The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Premiärdatum: 27 Okt 1997
President Sheridan and Delenn's shuttle is just returning to Babylon 5 after their honeymoon, and they are welcomed aboard by a party in the docking bay, something Garibaldi knew Sheridan would want to avoid. Sheridan promises to pay him back, but thanks
5:e säsong
#089 (5.1)
No Compromises
Premiärdatum: 21 Jan 1998
The EA Destroyer Acheron jumps into Babylon 5 space bearing Captain Lochley, the station's new CO. With everyone else busy preparing for Sheridan's inauguration ceremony, Lt. Corwin is the sole member of her welcoming committee. To his dismay, she seems i
#090 (5.2)
The Very Long Night of Londo Molari
Premiärdatum: 28 Jan 1998
Sheridan and Delenn are sleeping in her quarters when she is awakened by a call. The caller, Ruell, has received a message, ostensibly from Delenn, indicating that Lennier will return to Minbar permanently. Ruell is calling to arrange for a replacement, o
#091 (5.3)
The Paragon of Animals
Premiärdatum: 04 Feb 1998
The scene in the Council Chambers is chaotic and the nascent Interstellar Alliance appears on the verge of cribdeath. Member species are demanding the promised technological advances while refusing to sign the Declaration of Principles on the grounds that
#092 (5.4)
A View From the Gallery
Premiärdatum: 11 Feb 1998
In hyperspace, a probe is destroyed by passing fighters. Shortly thereafter, Capt. Lochley is awakened by a call from Lt. Corwin, telling her of the probe's destruction. "Is it them?" she asks, but the probe was destroyed too quickly to give much informat
#093 (5.5)
Learning Curve
Premiärdatum: 18 Feb 1998
As Master Turval's voice drones, a class of Ranger recruits meditate, or at least attempt to. One young Minbari, fresh from the warrior caste, is too busy daydreaming about dying gloriously, while another religious caste recruit can't stop smiling as he l
#094 (5.6)
Strange Relations
Premiärdatum: 25 Feb 1998
Lochley is walking down a corridor when she is joined by Delenn. Delenn tells her that she has spoken to Sheridan and is now aware of the full reason Sheridan chose Lochley to command Babylon 5. Delenn also wants to tell the Captain that she approves of t
#095 (5.7)
Secrets of the Soul
Premiärdatum: 04 Mar 1998
Franklin is approaching his new job of developing complete medical profiles of all the Alliance member races with his usual enthusiasm. He convinces the Pak'ma'ra he is examining today to drink a barium solution so that he can track its upper digestive tr
#096 (5.8)
Day of the Dead
Premiärdatum: 11 Mar 1998
In the customs area, a man carrying a large bag has nothing to declare except his genius. Inside the bag, a small man holds up a small device, which also declares nothing but Rebo's genius. Rebo and Zooty have arrived on Babylon 5.

Lochley, Sheridan an
#097 (5.9)
In the Kingdom of the Blind
Premiärdatum: 18 Mar 1998
Whoever has been attacking Alliance cargo transports possesses daunting resources. The strikes have been carried out against far flung shipping lines with military precision and overwhelming force while leaving no survivors and no incriminating wreckage a
#098 (5.10)
A Tragedy of Telepaths
Premiärdatum: 25 Mar 1998
Byron's telepaths are dug in in Brown Sector, and threatening a hunger strike until their demands for a homeworld are met ("In the Kingdom of the Blind"). Sheridan cannot intervene, since his hands are full with the attacks on the Alliance ships, and the alien amba
#099 (5.11)
Phoenix Rising
Premiärdatum: 01 Apr 1998
Lochley enters to catch the end of his speech. She accuses him of enjoying the hunt, and he replies that if they weren't protecting normals from rogue telepaths, another worse method of controlling telepaths would be employed. He adds that his mission is
#100 (5.12)
The Ragged Edge
Premiärdatum: 08 Apr 1998
Sheridan is signing copies of a treaty, getting ready for a meeting of the Interstellar Alliance. He arrives late in the council chamber, but his apology dies on his lips; only Delenn is present. The other ambassadors voted to boycott the council until th
#101 (5.13)
The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father
Premiärdatum: 15 Apr 1998
Bester enters his superior's office. He is introduced to two young Psi Cop recruits, Lauren and Chen, who he will be expected to take under his wing for a few weeks. The recruits are nervous being anywhere near their great hero, Bester.

A young man sit
#102 (5.14)
Meditations on the Abyss
Premiärdatum: 27 Maj 1998
In the middle of the night, Delenn lies in bed, awake. She receives a muted signal, stands up, and leaves. Half asleep, Sheridan asks her where she is going. She claims she only wants to get some documents from her quarters; reassured, Sheridan falls back
#103 (5.15)
Darkness Ascending
Premiärdatum: 03 Jun 1998
Garibaldi enters the Zocalo, which lies in ruins, fires and dead bodies everywhere. Garibaldi himself looks bloody and beaten. Among the dead is Sheridan, shot through the head. Next to him, a sign in blood reads, "You failed me." Zack Allan is also dead,
#104 (5.16)
All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Premiärdatum: 10 Jun 1998
Before dawn, Sheridan awakes and find Delenn missing; she is in the living room, staring silently at a candle. Sheridan asks her to come in and sleep, as she will need all her strength in the morning. But she does not answer. The morning finds her still i
#105 (5.17)
Movements of Fire and Shadow
Premiärdatum: 17 Jun 1998
Near a Drazi colony on the border of Drazi space, the Centauri and Drazi fight one another.

Sheridan stops by Lochley's quarters late at night. He wants to tell her about the latest information. According to reliable, but still unconfirmed reports, the
#106 (5.18)
The Fall of Centauri Prime
Premiärdatum: 28 Okt 1998
The Narn and Drazi fleets bombard the defenseless Centauri Prime from space, hitting even the Royal Palace. The ceiling in G'Kar's cell partly collapses over him just before Londo arrives. Londo helps him stand up, and takes him elsewhere in the Palace.
#107 (5.19)
Wheel of Fire
Premiärdatum: 04 Nov 1998
G'Kar arrives back on Babylon 5 and is greeted by Capt. Lochley before he goes through customs. She tells him that that "a few" people are waiting for him. G'Kar is relieved to know the cult that has been growing around him has cooled down. Lochley laughs
#108 (5.20)
Objects in Motion
Premiärdatum: 11 Nov 1998
Number One, formerly of the Mars Resistance ("Racing Mars") is trying to enter Babylon 5, but the computer does not recognize her passport. When Zack arrives, she explains her name is Tessa Halloran, a member of the Mars Provisional Government; under
#109 (5.21)
Objects at Rest
Premiärdatum: 18 Nov 1998
Sheridan is pacing in Command and Control, and finds Lochley; neither of them could sleep. Sheridan is about ready to leave. He asks that no ceremonies or speeches be made when he leaves. He wants to leave quietly. Lochley agrees. Sheridan also thanks her
#110 (5.22)
Sleeping in Light
Premiärdatum: 25 Nov 1998
Sheridan is dreaming: he dreams about Lorien reviving him on Z'ha'dum ("Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?"); and Lorien explaining that he will live for at most twenty years after his fall in Z'ha'dum ("Falling Toward Apotheosis"). He wakes with a start, and begins to get up. Dele